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Yep. These look badass.

One more day!



Some of my unpublished pencils from Wonder Woman: The Once and Future Story written by Trina Robbins. Circa 1998.


Since I was a B-list ( or maybe C-list ) artist back in the day, I usually didn’t have choice of inker. Sometimes my clients felt my art was too “girly” so they hired a…

These look fantastic. Good story. It’s a shame that the business has been more male centric, but I see it getting a little better as time goes by.

BATGIRL REDESIGN by Sakurafire (M.Link)

Here is my redesign for Batgirl for projectrooftop

I set three specific limitations for my design: 
1. No spandex 
2. No fancy gadgets (other than the bat grapple, see below) 
3. Everything can be purchased or made
Hopefully I lived up to my own standards!
Elseworlds Batgirl
Barbara Gordon is a teen living in Gotham with her parents. While walking home from the library one evening with friends, they are mugged by two armed men. Batman arrived to save the day, but in the melee his bat-grappling gun is knocked from his hand. Taking chase after the muggers, he leaves his grapple behind. Before the police arrive with her father, Lieutenant James Gordon, Barbara puts the souvenir in her backpack.
Barbara is a brilliant young girl. She has trained in classical dance (at the insistence of her mother) and martial arts (at the insistence of her father). She enjoys tinkering with things and has studied electrical engineering and blacksmithing. Her hobby has been disassembling Batman’s discarded Bat-Grapple and reassembling it to working condition.
Gotham as she knew it changed one day when Batman joined Superman, Wonder Woman, and other heroes to form the Justice League and combat Darkseid. Unfortunately for Gotham, the criminals of Gotham took advantage of Batman’s absence with the Justice League (and Robin’s absence with the Teen Titans). This has put a strain on the Gotham Police force and her father, the newly appointed head of a special task force created to combat Batman’s rogue’s gallery.
One morning there was a knock at the door. Barbara was getting ready for school and didn’t hear it. Her mother answered the door. It was the Joker. Her mother screamed and there was a gunshot.
Terrified Barbara hid in her closet, keeping as quiet as possible. She heard the Joker beating her mother, then eventually entering her room. The Joker left, not noticing Barbara, but her mother did not survive the order. She was dead by the time Barbara made it downstairs.
In the following months her father dedicated more and more time to his work, leaving Barbara to her own grief. She decides to put together her own persona as Batgirl and defend the people of Gotham while Batman and Robin are away.
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